A little Sweet. A little Naughty.

Scottish Embrace


Powerhouse marketing executive Katie Rose has one goal in life - ok, maybe two. Secure the promotion of her dreams and keep her Louboutin clad feet firmly inside her comfort zone. The key to her promotion and the security she craves lies in procuring the high-profile account of big-time actor Owen Ramsay. There’s just one problem. In order to land the account she must step so far outside her comfort zone she’s on another continent. Literally. 

Scottish actor and playboy Owen Ramsay lives his life by two rules. Keep his acting career and his charity serving veterans as far away from one another as possible and never, ever, be a hero. When he decides to hire a marketing firm to help his floundering charity rule number two goes right out the window. The moment his new executive, Katie, collides with him he realizes he has a big problem. For the first time in his life he wants to be someone’s hero. Her hero.   

Sparks fly and passion ignites as the relationship grows. That is until people from their past threaten to crush their fragile dreams. In order to stay together Katie and Owen must challenge each other to face their deepest fears and possibly leave behind all they’ve ever known.